Pre Workout Nutrition: What to eat before you exercise

Pre-Workout Nutrition 

What to eat before you exercise:

Fueling correctly before your workout will help you perform better and recover quickly. Ideally, you want to have energy 🚀during the workout without feeling too full. Here’s how to achieve that ideal balance, whether you workout 🏋 first thing in the morning, mid-day, or in the evening 🌙.

If you have time: eat two to three hours before working out

A good rule of thumb is to eat a meal containing carbs, protein, and fat about two to three hours before working out. Pre-workout protein can help you maintain or increase muscle size, helps your muscles recover faster, and floods your bloodstream with amino acids. Carbs give you fuel during your exercise — even short-duration, high-intensity workouts — and help with recovery while preserving muscle and liver glycogen. They also stimulate the release of insulin, which when combined with protein, improves protein synthesis. Finally, fats before exercise help slow digestion and maintain blood glucose and insulin levels.

If you’re eating around two to three hours before exercising, you don’t have to drink a protein shake. Any source of protein 🍤 is fine, and be sure to combine it with carbs and fat. Try eggs 🥚🍳 with sauteed veggies, avocado, and fruit 🍎🍍🍒 or maybe oatmeal with a sliced banana 🍌 and nuts. Chicken 🐔 with rice and vegetables 🌱 is another great option!

Early morning 🌅 exercise nutrition: an hour to 30 minutes before working out

For those who exercise first thing in the morning 🌄, there’s certainly no reason to wake up two to three hours early 💤 just to eat!

Many people find they don’t need to eat anything at all, especially if the workout will last less than an hour. If you wake up about an hour before you exercise, you should eat a small meal that contains mostly carbs and a bit of protein. A piece of fruit or yogurt are great choices.

Try these nutrition guidelines and see how you feel. Do you have more energy 🏃 during the workout? Are you recovering better? If not, you may need to adjust the type and quantity of food to find what works best for you.

Late afternoon or early evening: a pre-workout snack

If you’re exercising before dinner and you’ve eaten a healthy breakfast and lunch, all you need is a small pre-workout snack about an hour or two before working out. This is when a protein shake might be a good idea, because you don’t want a heavy meal sitting in your stomach. Or try a small snack like nuts 🌱 and fruit 🍉 to give you energy. Some people prefer to exercise on an empty stomach — in that case, don’t eat anything after lunch. As always, be sure to eat high-quality, unprocessed food, and avoid added sugar whenever possible 🚀.

Now go work out 🏋⚾⚽🏃🏈🏀🏉!





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I lost all memory from before that point, and I still have no visual memory to this day. I was discharged from the military and had to figure out how to move forward. I have now been out of the military since 2007 and have found ways to work around these things, to where most people meet, don’t even notice anything is different. Because of the traumatic brain injury suffered, have had an MAI on my brain, yearly since the incident. In June of 201S I received a call from a VA neuro surgeon telling me that my scar tissue had grown and that he believed it was a brain tumor. He requested that I come in immediately to have it removed. I honestly believed it was still just scar tissue and they were overreacting. Man was I wrong. After multiple types of MAI’s proving that it was a tumor, I went in to have it surgically removed. Turns out, it is an incurable type of brain cancer that is supposed to come back (but more on that later). So went through months of Chemo and daily radiation treatments. During that time I felt pretty terrible, so I ate A LOT. Not only did I eat a lot, but I ate a lot of pure junk food which lead to me weighting over 2SOlbs, knew it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself, and that I needed to get up, get back in shape. feel like everything learned about diet, fitness, and lifestyle will not only delay the return of the cancer, but I honestly don’t think it’s coming back at all (I’m an optimist though). had always (even before the military) wanted to get into buying houses, fixing them up, and selling/renting them. I figured there no time life the present, and pulled the trigger on that dream. The process of taking something that needs work, and making it the best it can be, is a passion of mine that now translates directly into being the Owner of PS CrossFit. know it sounds cheesy, but once you get told that you have cancer, everything in life suddenly has more purpose and you realize that tomorrow isn’t promised. You realize that you have a limited amount of time to fulfill your potential and do what makes you happy. Helping others live better lives is what makes me happy. P6 CrossFit has been my opportunity to help more people in a shorter amount of time than anything I have ever done. I am able to help others reach and exceed their goals on a daily basis. get to see people come into the gym intimidated, with low self-esteem, and watch them transform into extremely confident and proud individuals.


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